Our mission (something like that👆)

We humans have developed many incredible things that have become part of our daily lives. But in the last decade we became very aware of the impact that all our development has had on the planet.  Minerals mined,  forest chopped down, oceans over fished and our stable climate is changing. The ecosystem on earth is showing the consequences. 
Many of us are aware of the problems. We are even aware of the painful truth that we personally contribute to them. Just living our daily lives in our developed system, makes us part of the problem. And generally the more developed countries obtain the more resources they need to sustain. It feels nearly impossible to try and find a solution for this complex issue. That said. We have faith in mankind's ability to learn and improve.

We are going to prototype another way of living. Stuff like building houses from natural materials and eating local food. But one core fundamental difference with today's world is that we are going to build life around a community, not an individual.This makes it easier to share utilities and resources. As a result, owning less stuff. It provides stronger social connection, deeper bonds and less depression. And united together in a  community we can take on bigger missions, like regenerating or protecting land.  

We believe the future of mankind is in communities, but we are not sure. That's why we are going to give it a try. We bought a piece of land and are turning it into a big research center to explore this topic. And now we are documenting everything we learn Open Source. So if we find a model that works, it could scale globally.

It’s a big mission, and we are just getting started. :)

All our electricity is generated off grid

we focus on local food supplies
grown in the right way

We prototype new technology in our workspace

we document everything open source. So others can replicate

we build with biodegradable and recycled materials

We live and work together to build a future world